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Eric Chang Joins Trust Wallet As Head of Product

Trust Wallet is pleased to announce the appointment of Eric Chang as our Head of Product. A PM leader with years of experience at Meta and Oculus VR, Chang is a crypto enthusiast passionate about making new technologies accessible to the masses by combining creativity, data, and empathy. Now, he brings his experience to take on a new challenge as the Head of Product at Trust Wallet.
“I’m thrilled to start this journey with Trust Wallet, one of the leading crypto wallets in the world. Wallets are the gateway into the web3 world, providing users direct access to decentralized applications, NFTs, financial tools, and much more. They are a critical part of a person’s journey across the web3 landscape; like a passport, wallets help grant access, and in some senses represent digital identity.” says Chang.
Chang will oversee Trust Wallet’s product strategy, roadmap, and development, ensuring users can easily explore different features and services in the blockchain industry. This includes guiding our product team on building for mass adoption while lowering barriers to entry.
“We have such a huge opportunity to make web3 less intimidating, safer, and much easier to access. We are still in the early innings of web3, and I can’t wait to help onboard the next 100 million users. As the saying goes — trust is not given, it is earned. I am eager to earn the trust of millions of current and future Trust Wallet users,” Chang continues.
Trust Wallet has ambitious growth plans for 2022. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are becoming more and more mainstream worldwide, but the barriers to entry are still relatively high. Leveraging Eric’s leadership and extensive product user experience background, Trust Wallet aims to make cryptocurrency simpler and more accessible than ever before.
“At Trust Wallet, we invest in talents with like-minded mission and values to continue creating the best user experience to make crypto and blockchain accessible and ready for mass adoption. Eric is a great example of this exceptional talent, and we look forward to seeing his product vision for Trust Wallet come to life to serve and enable more people,” says Eowyn Chen, Trust Wallet CEO.
Chang holds an MBA & MEM from Northwestern University — Kellogg School of Management and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.
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